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Ear Piercing Appointment

Want to add to your stack or get your first ear piercing? Come to Embark Fine Jewelry where we offer a luxury ear piercing experience performed by a medically trained individual. A single use sterile hollow needle is used to perform the piercing. Our ear piercings are $30 per location, charged at time of piercing.

We offer a wide range of hypoallergenic earring styles in both our demi fine and fine jewelry starting at $20. Book your piercing appointment today!

  • Starting at age 6

  • Anyone under 18 must have an adult presence and consent signature

  • No outside jewelry can be used for piercings


You can call our store or easily book online! Click here to book now.

An appointment is required to ensure the proper staff member is here to preform the ear piercing.

If we are allowing walk-ins, we will post it on our social media accounts!

You must be at least 6 years of age and must have an adult present for those under the age of 18. We aim to offer a positive piercing experience. Each time slot is for a max of 30 minutes. If a child is unwilling to receive an ear piercing at any point during the process, the piercer reserves the right to discontinue the service. If this occurs a gift card will be issued for any services unfulfilled and a new appointment can be scheduled at a later date. For example, if one ear piercing is complete and not the other. Restraining a child to perform a piercing will not be allowed.

Our goal is to offer an enjoyable experience for everyone who receives an ear piercing.

We offer a vast selection of fine and demi-fine studs to choose from. We do not pierce with hoops or screw-backs. All of our studs are hypoallergenic and safe to pierce with.

You can not bring in your own pair of earrings.

We recommend cleaning your new piercing daily with our Active Skin Repair or a sterile saline solution. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or handling your piercing. Never turn or rotate your jewelry and avoid sleeping on the piercing.

Healing times vary on location. The average healing time for a piercing on the lobe is 6-8 weeks, while the helix will take 6-12 months.